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"Our domain is above all a family adventure"

Our domain is situated at Villers la Faye, in the Hautes Côtes de Nuits on the hillsides between Nuits Saint Georges and Beaune.

It spreads over about 22 hectares, 3 hectares producing Villages and Premier Crus appellations from Nuits Saint Georges to Beaune and 19 hectares of regional appellations planted in high and wide rows in the Hautes Côtes de Nuits.

Our domain is all about a family adventure: for three generations now, we have been sharing the same love for soil working and the same passion for the vineyard and the wine it produces, constantly improving quality in total respect of terroir, nature and sound tradition. We are lucky enough to benefit from Jean’s anecdotes, his advice and his discreet comments that are always to the point. (Jean is Danièle’s father). 





Danièle has always maintained a tight bond with the domain she decided to take over in 2008 aiming at developing it. Her first winemaking campaign took place in 2009 and gave a superb vintage. When she took over the estate, Danièle intended to match the quality of her wines with a responsible and sustainable vine culture.

Day after day experiments, tests, meetings and exchanges enabled Danièle to enrich her initial family experience and turn to a type of vine growing that was protective and environment friendly from the vine-plant to the bottle.

The two values shared by Daniele and her four-employee staff are their profound respect for nature and their skills that contribute to the full expression of the grape varieties and terroirs. They are passionate and trained workers, fully involved in the scheme. They bring their dynamism, their experience and ideas.

" In our job as vigneron, we have to be humble, curious and inventive, we also have to be adaptable and persevering, to exchange ideas and help one another, indeed Mother Nature often reminds us of these values "

"We pay special attention to the training and maintaining of our parcels"

The domain will definitely turn organic in the course of 2021, but we have already experienced and tested this growing method for three years on a major part of our vineyard. No chemical weeding, no fungicides, but a thorough working of the soil, sowing tests, and early thinning.

We don’t use any chemical fertilizers and the products we apply are well-thought-out according to analyses, and also to the vigour and history of each parcel.
Treatments are regulated according to disease pressure (mildew/odium) depending on the season and applied with organically certified products. Since 2020, we have been testing the use of herbal teas and essential oils.

We see to favour biodiversity by maintaining dry-stone walls, hedges, woods and bee-hives.